BestProcure offers a veriety of services to improve and optimise Business Procurement, as detailed below

  1. Price Based Procurement Solutions
  2. Process Based Procurement Solutions
  3. Risk Management
  4. Customised Product Services
  5. Procurement Outsourcing
  6. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Price Based Procurement Solutions

BestProcure offers you complete Procurement Solutions to get the right product at the best price. We have expertise in supporting, nurturing and sustaining Businesses, SME’s, Contractors, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing Societies/Apartments, Architects and Consultants; so that you can focus on acquiring and servicing your customers and grow your business.

If you are looking to maximise your profit by procuring (purchasing) the right products for your business needs, then BestProcure is your ideal partner that assures your success by providing you with excellent quality products at the best price.

The clear objective is to provide you with the best pricing, what’s more you pay us only when we provide you a better price.

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Process Based Procurement Solutions

BestProcure offers you a comprehensive range of Procurement Process Solutions to optimise the entire process of procurement in a way which is ideally suited to your business.

Purchasing  has long since been more than just the procurement of goods and bargaining about pricing & payment terms. Today, it‘s important to optimize the entire process, step-by-step. Strategic and operational processes in purchasing and at the interfaces are mapped and evaluated. Weak points in the existing process model are thus identified and the necessary changes made.

Strategic Excellence Operational Excellence
  1. Introduction of process organization
  2. Redesign of existing processes in strategic purchasing
  3. Standardization of processes from purchasing to related areas and suppliers
  1. Process analysis and process optimization  (Planning and Purchasing)
  2. Creating a Process model
  3. Increasing process quality by using formalized procedures

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Risk Management

Vendor insolvencies are a serious threat. Supply disruptions due to Tax Litigation, Labour unrest, Fraud, Corporate re-organisation at the Vendor end are also a reality which businesses need to plan for. Those losing their Primary Vendor or facing a supply disruption  will need a replacement Vendor as soon as possible. We will check where single sourcing and where multi sourcing strategies are necessary. Procurement will thus be more independent of crises and recessions.

Strategic Excellence Operational Excellence
  1. Introduction of risk management process
  2. Contingency planning for risk classes
  3. Evaluation of material group strategies by risk classes
  1. Identification of risk sources
  2. Introduction of process to ensure the risk assessment in daily business
  3. Definition of risk classes
  4. Contract analysis and design


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Customised Product Services

BestProcure offers you complete Customised Product Services to get the product of your specification at the best price. Products in the field of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation, Building Automation Systems/BMS, Electrical and Electronic Equipment are covered under this Service.

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Procurement Outsourcing

BestProcure offers Procurement Outsourcing solutions to companies, which can have a large impact on the cost front. In many organisations the Purchase department itself can be outsourced where the number of product categories and product complexities are less. This can pave the way for a larger benefit in terms of HR cost optimization in addition to reduction in procurement expenses.


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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

With growing competition and costs of storage space, Vendor managed Inventory has become a viable and at times the only option. BestProcure offers you a systematic approach to selecting and managing Vendors and processes while implementing Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) in your business to cut costs and lead time.

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